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Revitalizing Downtown with Public Art

Revitalizing Downtown with Public Art

8-1/2" x 11", softcover, 16 pages,
Downtown Research & Development Center.

1 copy $29.95.


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Table of Contents

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There is growing agreement that investment in arts and culture can generate significant economic benefits for downtowns of all sizes. A vibrant arts community can keep residents and their discretionary spending close to home and attract visitors.

This executive report considers how a range of communities are using public art to revitalize their downtowns. It provides a solid background for downtown committee members and others considering adding an arts component to their downtown revitalization strategy.

The report begins with a brief but compelling argument for the role of the arts in downtown revitalization. This is followed by four sections illustrating the arts in action in downtowns of all sizes.

Table of Contents

  1. Data supporting the value of arts-based revitalization
  2. The six conditions needed for success in arts-based economic development
  3. Filling vacant commercial space with arts-based businesses
  4. Nurturing an arts district downtown
  5. Developing a public art program
  6. Drawing residents and visitors downtown for public art events

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About the Authors

Revitalizing Downtown with Public Art was researched and written by the staff of the Downtown Research & Development Center.


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