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Placemaking on a Budget

8 1/2" x 11", softcover,
133 pages plus CD-ROM,
American Planning Association. $21.

Table of Contents

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This is no longer available from us.

Placemaking on a Budget, provides a step-by-step process for determining what is unique and important in the local culture; tapping into available resources; and organizing and implementing projects to create a strong sense of place downtown.

Four interrelated chapters and numerous case studies show how communities across the country have successfully used this approach to realize their placemaking goals.

Chapter 1 illustrates the importance of placemaking and discusses how the placemaking on a budget approach can benefit communities.

Chapter 2 provides two approaches to identifying good placemaking projects based on community values and resources.

Chapter 3 centers on understanding the resources available to implement placemaking projects, including local volunteers and partnerships. It also covers strategies for leveraging resources that are too often left untapped.

Chapter 4 focuses on implementation and presents organizing techniques to make achieving placemaking objectives easier and more straightforward. This important chapter includes samples of organization tools such as a project worksheet and project action plan.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains a PowerPoint presentation to help you introduce placemaking concepts to your board, commission, or downtown group.

Table of Contents

  1. Forward
    • Where did all the places go?
  2. What is Placemaking on a Budget?
    • The importance of placemaking on a budget
    • Using placemaking on a budget
  3. Identifying Meaningful Projects
    • The two approaches to making Placemaking on a Budget a reality
    • Community value-based projects
    • Case Study: The downtown Enumclaw, Washington, Streetscape Enhancement Project
    • Case Study: The revival of Confetti Park, New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Understanding the values of community and place
    • Conclusion
  4. Placemaking on a Budget Resources
    • People
    • Case Study: Bringing unity to the community, Phoenix, Arizona
    • Case Study: Changing out at the volunteer cafe, Ocean Beach, California
    • Organizations
    • Case Study: Nappanee seniors return to school, Nappanee, Indiana
    • Private Sector
    • Case Study: Realizing the power of partnerships in St. Andrews, Parma City, Florida
    • Case Study: Miracle on 4th Street Park, Long Beach, California
    • Policies and Programming
    • Creative Fund-Raising
    • Case Study: Returning the Town Common one brick at a time, Goffstown, New Hampshire
    • Case Study: Charlie "The Can Man," Groveland and Big Oak Flat, California
    • Conclusion
  5. Implementation
    • Create order out of chaos
    • Organization tools for implementation effectiveness
    • Conclusion
  6. CD-ROM
    • Includes printable copies of all of the worksheets along with a 34-slide PowerPoint presentation, which will help you introduce placemaking concepts to your downtown organization.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

Placemaking on a Budget is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

About the Author

Al Zelinka, AICP, is a principal of RBF Consulting’s Urban Design Studio. Over his nearly 20-year career, he has worked with more than 125 communities to improve and revitalize neighborhoods, commercial districts, and downtowns.

Susan J. Harden, AICP, is also a principal with RBF Consulting’s Urban Design Studio, where she focuses on innovative community involvement opportunities and downtown and neighborhood revitalization.


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