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Event Sponsorship

The Event Sponsorship

7-1/2" x 9-1/2", hardcover,
320 pages, John Wiley & Sons, $89.95.

Table of Contents

Read Chapter 1: Outstanding Events Sell Sponsorships


Whether they are providing cash or in-kind donations, sponsors can be the lifeblood of a downtown event program.

But for most events, sponsors aren’t beating down the doors, instead, you need to find the right sponsors and demonstrate the value of your event.

Event Sponsorship will show you how with detailed information on:

  • Researching and targeting prospective sponsors
  • Developing a sponsorship marketing plan
  • Creating an effective proposal
  • Selling sponsorships and negotiating the deal
  • Keeping sponsors coming back year after year, and more.

This practical guidance is enhanced with a wealth of sample documents and examples from events including the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI; Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO; Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta; Portland Rose Festival; and Milwaukee’s Summerfest.

With a compelling blend of expert instruction, practical case studies, and sample documents, you’ll find this book an invaluable resource for finding, signing, and retaining the best sponsors for events of all types and sizes.

Table of Contents

  1. Outstanding events sell sponsorships
  2. The sponsorship marketing plan
  3. Research: The sponsor’s perspective
  4. The effective sponsorship proposal
  5. Benefits: The formula for sponsorship success and growth
  6. Creating the proper image in the eyes of your sponsors
  7. The creative approach to sponsorship
  8. The keys to successful sponsorship sales
  9. The legal issues in event sponsorship
  10. The staff-sponsor-client relationship
  11. The law of return: How to keep sponsors coming back
  12. The sponsorship evaluation process
  13. The globalization of event sponsorship
  14. The importance of networking
  15. The future of global event sponsorship
  16. Appendices
    • Resources-sponsorship books for event managers
    • Periodicals for event managers
    • Organizations and resources for event managers
    • Directories for event managers
    • Web sites for event managers
    • Video resources for sponsorship
    • Sample sponsorship proposal
    • Sample letter of agreement, creative strategies group, denver
    • Sample contract, Portland Rose Festival
    • Sample benefit report, Three Rivers Festival, Pittsburgh

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

Event Sponsorship is guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

About the Authors

Bruce E. Skinner, CFE, is former president of the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA), the largest professional association for festivals and special events in the world, and Director of the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona.

Vladimir Rukavina, CFE, is General Manager of Narodni Dom Cultural Center, Maribor, Slovenia, and President and CEO of the International Festival of Lent.


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