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Downtowns: Revitalizing the Centers of Small Urban Communities

This book is no longer available.

A practical alternative is Main Street Renewal.

This book provides a thorough and complete discussion of the wide array of economic development tools available for downtown revitalization.

It begins with a review of current economic development trends and practices based on a national study conducted by the International City/County Management Association. The survey results provide insights into how communities plan their economic development programs, the levels and sources of their funding, the types and number of people assigned to these programs, and to what extent they use performance measures to determine program results.

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Much that has been written on downtown revitalization has focused on the experiences of large urban centers. In Downtowns: Revitalizing the Centers of Small Urban Communities, the authors remedy that by providing a series of case studies, which focus on overcoming the unique problems of downtown revitalization in small communities.

These fifteen case studies examine principles of downtown revitalization, urban design and infrastructure redevelopment, waterfront and brownfields redevelopment, and retail and commercial redevelopment.

The book concludes with an insightful summary of key lessons from the case studies. These include: Work within the political culture, Place emphasis on local funding of downtown projects, Create an image and sense of place for downtown, Monitor programs and progress, Make downtown revitalization a community effort, Develop a long-term vision for downtown, and Learn from others.

The case studies and key lessons clearly show that downtown revitalization works in small as well as large cities, and that common principles apply to virtually all communities.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Downtowns and small city development
  2. Some Principles of Downtown Revitalization and Four Case Studies
    • Downtown development principles for small cities
    • The emergence of a competitive core: bifurcation dynamics in Billings, Montana
    • An assessment of downtown revitalization in five small Wisconsin communities
    • Downtown redevelopment in selected Oregon coastal communities
    • A multi-faceted approach to downtown revitalization (Brandon, Canada)
  3. Urban Design and Infrastructure Redevelopment
    • Re-engaging the public in the art of community place-making
    • Towards a typology of urban design problems and solutions for downtown revitalization: Some evidence from the Mayor’s Institute on City Design
    • Disaster recovery in a progressive city: Santa Cruz, California
  4. Waterfront and Brownfields Redevelopment
    • Waterfront planning as a strategic incentive to downtown enhancement and livability
    • Brownfield restoration and waterfront redevelopment in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley Cities
  5. Retail and Commercial Redevelopment of Downtowns
    • Managing the growth of retail space: Retail market dynamics in Lawrence, Kansas
    • An evaluation of downtown economic redevelopment strategies in small urban centers
    • Does size matter? Successful economic development strategies of small cities
  6. Conclusion
    • Keeping faith: What we know about downtown revitalization in small urban centers

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About the Author

Downtowns: Revitalizing the Centers of Small Urban Communities was edited by Michael A. Burayidi, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Individual chapter contributors include Matthew J. Bell, University of Maryland; Bryan Downes, University of Oregon; Daniel J. Garr, San Jose State University; Mindee D. Garrett, University of Oregon; Akhlaque Haque, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Mark D. Hardt, Montana State University-Billings; Fred A. Hurand, Eastern Washington University; William R. Horne, University of Northern British Columbia; Jennifer R. Klebba, University of Oregon; Zenia Kotval, Michigan State University; Kirk McClure, University of Kansas; Wendy McClure, University of Idaho; John R. Mullin, University of Massachusetts; Autumn Lyn Radle, University of Oregon; Kent Robertson, Saint Cloud State University; Siddharta Sen, Morgan State University; Professor Simmons, Indiana University-Bloomington; Norman Walzer, University of Illinois.

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