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Committee Handbooks

Board Member’s Handbook (Pkg/5)
Developing a management team and program that is well structured, well funded, and committed to the future is the only way to sustain the revitalization effort.
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Community Development

Community Economic Development Handbook
This concrete, practical, jargon-free handbook provides a proven way to make any community a better place to live and work.
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Community Leadership Handbook
A step-by-step guide to framing ideas, building relationships, and mobilizing resources for community improvement.
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Converting Storefronts to Housing
Provides ideas and design solutions for converting commercial storefront space to productive residential uses.
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Creating Vibrant Public Spaces
This practical book describes methods for restoring the health and vibrancy of streets and public spaces in ways that respect their historic character.
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Street Graphics and the Law
Provides a framework and design guidelines for creating a comprehensive street signage program.
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Urban Street Design Guide
A blueprint for making streets safer, more livable, and more economically vibrant.
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Economic Development

Bringing Buildings Back
Offers communities of all sizes a wide range of tools to reclaim abandoned properties and return them to productive use.
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Creating a Vibrant City Center
Provides a comprehensive action plan for developing a lively and economically vibrant city center in any metropolitan area.
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Creative Community Builder’s Handbook
Presents strategies, best practices, and step by step guidance for putting the power of arts and culture to work in your community.
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Downtown Planning
This comprehensive book looks at all facets of planning for the traditional downtown or Main Street community.
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Main Street Renewal
Case studies from around the country illustrate what downtown professionals are doing to make their downtowns the economic and cultural centers of their communities.
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Making Business Districts Work
The single most authoritative guide to leadership and management of downtown organizations.
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Niche Strategies for Downtown Revitalization
Presents the most complete and thorough information available on using business clustering for downtown revitalization.
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Placemaking on a Budget
Illustrates how to use local attributes, involved citizenry, and creative thinking to create a sense of place downtown.
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Resilient Downtowns
Details innovative and successful approaches that small and mid-sized cities have used to revitalize their core downtown areas.
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Revitalizing Main Street
Presents a practical framework for downtown and central business district growth and development.
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Executive Reports

Business Improvement Districts: Financing Downtown Growth
A primer for those considering, or reconsidering, a Business Improvement District for their community.
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Business Recruitment and Retention
Illustrates how to strengthen at-risk businesses and bring new businesses downtown.
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Downtowns Welcome Seniors
Downtowns Welcome Seniors looks at cities that are making strides in attracting senior residents. In particular it considers two key areas: Improvements to downtown walkability, and the adaptive reuse of older buildings for modern senior living.
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Improving Downtown’s Curb Appeal
Presents seven creative approaches to enhancing downtown’s visual appeal.
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Increasing Your Impact with Volunteers
Presents a seven-step approach to finding, recruiting, and retaining productive volunteers.
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Priorities for Downtown Organizations
Provides an in-depth look at the goals and objectives of downtown organizations of all types and sizes.
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Revitalizing Downtown with Public Art
Illustrates how investment in the arts can generate significant economic benefits for downtowns of all sizes.
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Ringing Downtown Cash Registers
Covers 11 key marketing trends and opportunities you must act on to keep downtown strong.
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Funding Sources

Funding Sources for Downtown Organizations
Provides detailed information on how downtown organizations of all types and sizes are funding their day-to-day operations.
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Winning Grants: Step by Step
Will show you how to compete successfully for shrinking funding dollars from corporate, private, family, and community foundations.
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Marketing and Promotion

Destination Branding for Small Cities
This fully updated and expanded second edition, cuts through the theory, advertising-speak, and branding jargon to simplify and clarify the practice of branding small cities and downtowns for improved tourism and economic development.
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Event Sponsorship
Provides everything you need to get your share of the available sponsorship dollars — from local, regional and national sources.
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Tourism Marketing for Cities and Towns
The most complete and comprehensive resource available on attracting tourists to the downtown area.
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Parking Management Best Practices
Demonstrates how an integrated approach to parking management can reduce parking needs by 20 to 40 percent.
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The Dimensions of Parking
For more than 30 years, The Dimensions of Parking has been the leading resource on best practices in parking development and operations.
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Small Downtown Planning

The Small Town Planning Handbook
A step-by-step guide to drafting and implementing a comprehensive plan that is sensitive to local character and limited resources.
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