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Downtown Promotion Reporter

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Each month, in the pages of Downtown Promotion Reporter, you’ll find the best and most creative promotional ideas from around the country. It’s like sitting down with a dozen of the most experienced downtown marketers and listening in as they share what they are doing now and why.

Over the course of a year you will have assembled hundreds and hundreds of valuable ideas and insights that you can put to work for your community.

Here’s just a small sample of what we’re talking about in the pages of Downtown Promotion Reporter:

  • Supporting local businesses. Promoting a shop local philosophy and bringing independently owned small businesses front and center through advertising, events, and promotions.
  • Building a positive image. Using creative branding to highlight your communities strengths and create a positive and memorable identity. Then supporting that identity with signature wayfinding, public art, special events, retail promotions, and more.
  • Embracing social media. Identifying downtown sites and experiences worth tweeting, posting, and sharing. Then turning the general public into an army of downtown marketing volunteers.
  • Enhancing regional marketing. Partnering with other downtowns, cities, and regional groups to expand marketing and tourism potential.
  • Targeting groups. Developing campaigns to reach specific population segments such as downtown workers, residents, visitors, millennials, and children.
  • Keeping downtown events fresh. Introducing new activities and experiences to ensure that classic events remain fresh and continue to appeal to the next generation of downtowners.

You’ll learn how these programs are organized, funded, and staffed. You’ll see samples of their marketing and promotional materials including print, online and social media. And you’ll learn how to adapt these programs to your downtown.

Downtown Research and Development Center Web ExtrasWeb Extras

We often have valuable background material, booklets, guides, postcards, TV and radio ads, and more that we just can’t fit in the newsletter. You’ll have access to these materials in the Web Extras section of the website.


Essentials for Downtown Marketing & Promotion

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With your subscription, you’ll receive Essentials for Downtown Marketing & Promotion. This special report brings you 12 indispensable techniques for downtown marketing and promotion. They reflect the ongoing impact of social media and other technologies, the strong influence of millennials, the growing popularity of participatory events, and the need to support local businesses.

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you are ever dissatisfied, just let us know. We will promptly refund the full subscription price. The newsletters and welcome gift you have received are yours to keep.


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“The Downtown Development Center is one of my most valuable tools. For folks like ourselves with limited resources, we use these publications to light fires that will shine long after the ideas have come to life.”
— Betsy Manuel
Executive Director
Heart of Medford

“I love your publications and
used them when I worked for the City
of Geneva as the Downtown Development Coordinator and Main Street Libertyville as the Executive Director.”
— Caroline Dellutri
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