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Good Design

A powerful component of downtown revitalization, physical design involves creating both a functionally sound and an inviting atmosphere through building facades, parking areas, signage, streetscapes, and more.

Converting Storefronts to Housing
Provides ideas and design solutions for converting commercial storefront space to productive residential uses.
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Creating a Vibrant City Center
Provides a comprehensive action plan for developing a lively and economically vibrant city center.
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Creating Vibrant Public Spaces
This practical book describes methods for restoring the health and vibrancy of streets and public spaces in ways that respect their historic character.
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Improving Downtown’s Curb Appeal
Presents seven creative approaches to enhancing downtown’s visual appeal.
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Revitalizing Downtown with Public Art
Illustrates how investment in the arts can generate significant economic benefits for downtowns of all sizes.
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Street Graphics and the Law
Provides a framework and design guidelines for creating a comprehensive street signage program.
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Urban Bikeway Design Guide
State-of-the-art techniques for creating complete streets that are safe and enjoyable for bicyclists.
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Urban Street Design Guide
A blueprint for making streets safer, more livable, and more economically vibrant.
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